Dear Son,

Dear Son,

You won’t remember these months to come on Hawaii, yet they will shape you greatly. They will shape us as a family as well.

We have chosen to have your aunt Libby come with to help shape you as we are at work and school. You will love this time with her and we hope this is a season of life she looks back and will cherish. We chose Libby because she adores you, and I know she will take great care of you during the times we are away. She is gentle and kind and intentional. All characteristics we hope you will continue to grow into and embody. They are important character traits in life.

We also apologize. We are sorry for taking you away from aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, and all our friends that love you so much. Its so much fun to watch you being loved on and by your always smiling nature, I know you feel that love. We are sad that they will all miss out on some milestones of life.

But what we are doing is all for a bigger cause. Buddy, even though you don’t understand now, I hope you will one day. We are leaving all these comforts because we feel this is how we are supposed to walk in obedience to Jesus. We feel our family is called here for this season. Even if that is hard, or scary. Lucky for you, while it will be hard at times, we get to see the ocean most days. Some family will be very jealous of warm temps come the snow.

So my dear son, you might see some extra tears from mom and dad, but that’s okay. You might get extra hugs and kisses, those are from our family and friends in Michigan. We will take extra pictures and make you FaceTime lots of people. Overall, life might be a little different, but it’s all okay. We got you.




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