Memphis with a BabyTot

First off, let me explain what a BabyTot is. A BabyTot is a term I am using to describe the awkwardness of traveling with a non-walking one-year-old. Not quite a baby that will sleep in your arms, but not quite a toddler that can run around and burn off energy.

BabyTot Problems:

  • My son army crawls and does not know how to walk yet…which means, his belly picks up EVERY SPEC OF DIRT TO BE FOUND. When traveling in airports, this makes for a very dirty kid that is the target for being accidentally stepped on.
  • My son flies for free(positive) on my lap. BUT he thinks he is too big to be held for more than ten minutes. You know what you can’t do on a plane? Get your wiggles out. For a BabyTot, this is extremely frustrating.
  • My son LOVES taking everything out of the case/bag/box/container. When on an airplane, that means no matter which toy you give him – it is going to be thrown or dropped under the seat. Leaving BabyTot with no toys.

As you can see BabyTots are not the ideal passenger for plane rides.


BUT BabyTots are the PERFECT tag along for family vacations! Below is a list of where we went and what we did, along with how BabyTot did.

Memphis Zoo

We spent three hours at the Memphis Zoo, in 80+ degree heat and 90% humidity, We didn’t see everything, and we were continuously walking because it was too hot to pause in the sun. But it was fantastic. IMG_3665

Our BabyTot LOVED the zoo. We saw so many different animals from all over the world.


We ate at some fabulous restaurants as well. The good thing about southern food is there is a 99% chance they have mac and cheese. The perfect dinner for a BabyTot.

central BBQ.jpg

1. Central BBQ – Downtown, near the Civil Rights Museum

I had eaten here before and absolutely loved their meat, so I had to bring my husband here to try it. BabyTot ate barely anything because all the guys working had him laughing and playing peek-a-boo and practicing waving. But we loved our ribs and brisket.


2. Gus’s Fried Chicken – Downtown

We loved this restaurant as well. It was my first time having hot fried chicken, but I was sold. I love fried chicken, but now I know I also love HOT fried chicken. I assume BabyTot liked his mac and cheese because there was none left over for us to try.

Civil Rights Museum

Motel Sign









We took BabyTot to a sobering museum, and he did great. He was in his stroller and just taking in all the sights while we walked quietly and read about MLK and the civil rights museum. If you are ever in Memphis and have only 1 thing to do. Eat at Central BBQ and walk across to this museum. johnson qoute

I was so proud of BabyTot when we were watching Dr.Kings “I have a dream” speech. Obviously, BabyTot couldn’t understand what he was hearing but he clapped at all the perfect times. It was fantastic.

We need change in this country for people of color.


Jumpin Jelly Beans Boutique

GIANT BALL PIT. (cleaned frequently). If you kids of any age, this place is a great place to burn energy. No time limits, and a cafe attached for parents to sit and have some coffee and adult conversation. IMG_5D7EB47D9796-1


Overton Park

We stayed in an Airbnb directly across the street from this park. (This park is next to the zoo). Our BabyTot was a few months too young to really appreciate all this park had to offer with its natural playground. But the kid in me loved it! We mostly were making sure pebbles and woodchips weren’t eaten.


Shelby Farms

There is a giant “park” just outside downtown Memphis. I don’t know if ‘park’ is the best word to describe this place. They had many bodies of water for fishing and kayaking (no swimming). A high ropes course, an epic natural playground with age-appropriate activities gathered together and separated by trellises of flowers. They had beautiful spaces to hike, walk, bike, etc. And to top it off they 15 bison. Their facilities were clean and beautiful and well thought out in construction. We were really impressed.



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