And Now You Are 1…

A year ago today, you were placed on my chest. Your dad sat next to us and watched you breathe and rest. We were elated. Our little baby was here.

We had no idea what to expect. What we experienced far surpassed any expectations we could have had.

You started sleeping through the night early on. Thank you!

You smile and giggles had us on cloud 9. You were quick to show us both everytime Dad came home from work.

You were tasting foods at 4 months and absolutely love anything we set before you. I think you would eat the whole kitchen if we let you.

You weren’t one for cuddling, but you quickly caught on to how to kiss our cheek. We cherish those slobbery moments.

You are always ready for an adventure. You love exploring zoo’s, getting up north to traverse city, going to Canada with all your aunties, camping on top of our Outback, and visiting your many admirers.

You have beautiful long blonde hair. Sometimes it tickles your ears and gets in your face, but we can’t stomach the thought of cutting it. I was worried you would lose it since often babies lose hair they are born with – but not you. It’s still growing out, and we love it.

You are so loved, buddy. This past year of life has brought so much joy into our lives, and into the lives of others. Thank you for being you. We love every ounce of you.



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