Pregnancy – The Time to Get Fit?

Before I was pregnant, I had a goal in my head: Have an “in shape” body before having a baby. My motivation? Once I have a baby there is no going back and I should take advantage of being able to look good and feel strong while I still can.

That motivation is based on untruth but either way, it didn’t happen.

Partly because when I made that goal I didn’t know I would be pregnant within three months of getting married. ANNDDD because I was lazy. *GASP*

So what actually happened?
Pregnancy caused me to be healthier! I drank more water, I watched what I was fueling my body with because I wanted to be sure I was giving my baby all he needed. But during my third trimester, I really began to miss being active. I could still swim, but my endurance tanked with the bowling bowl attached to my tummy. I longed to rock climb, sprint, and be recklessly active. I started making a long list of activities I would partake in postpartum…
THEN when my son started eating solids, I didn’t want to be having to make a bunch of separate things.  I wanted him to be able to share in what we were eating. Sadly, at times that meant less spicy food – but we ate more REAL food. Nutritious and a variety of things. I started realizing that my diet was missing some core nutrients.
It was THESE changes that caused me to become healthier. Changes to my mindset, and changes to my diet. After Baby was born, I started swimming again, then added a strength building workout plan, and lots of walks with baby. I want him to see an active lifestyle.
It’s amazing how on my own I didn’t have the motivation to make these changes – but once there is a little pair of eyes watching, I find motivation. But that is okay! It’s never too late to get started on being healthy, being an example to our kiddos of healthy lifestyles, and setting up good habits while they grow.
Even if you have had no babies or 10 babies, you can still be healthy. You can fuel your body right, you can move, you can strengthen your muscles! We have amazing bodies, and we should take care of them.

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