Why Weddings Should Be Outside

Warning – This is just my opinion. You can have your wedding wherever you want cause it’s YOUR day, not mine. Anyways, read on.
Why should weddings be outside?
1. They are Magical
2. Nature is Necessary
I attended my fourth outdoor wedding to date this month and was reminded that I LOVE outdoor weddings.
Although my ceremony was indoors, we had our reception outside under a large pavilion. But there was a fair amount of “nature” involved. The day started out with rain and tornados. 5 touchdowns to be exact. The ceremony pews were lined with nature. And then we moved outside to a Pavilion surrounded by trees, a small brook, and flowers.
I think there is nothing more lovely than having all your friends and family gather in nature to celebrate love.
What also gets me is when the wind picks up at the perfect time. I remember this past Saturday as I sat in the sun, a cool breeze would pass through. The officiant started talking about the hope we have in Jesus and the wind picked up. The trees were dancing with the sunlight illuminating them. The wind was so loud through the leaves. The hairs on my arms stood up it was just such perfect timing. And that happened again, and again at the most perfect times in the sermon.
Outdoor Ceremonies or Outdoor Receptions, I am a huge fan.

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