Our Family


Josh is a Certified Airplane Mechanic, but loves working on just about anything.

His strengths are all things relational. Being a Type 9 and an ISFP, he loves harmony and hates tension. He is spontaneous yet always on time when he commits to something.

Josh could survive on coffee alone. When he isn’t with family or working on something, you can find him cycling, watching how-to videos, or reading a good book.


Anna is currently training to be a Certified Professional Midwife.

Her strengths are all things efficient and forward moving. Being a Type 6 and an INTJ, she loves systems, efficient, problem solving, and organizing. She also loves being around people and seeing them grow into their potential. Her favorite word is empowerment, closely followed by delegate.

When Anna isn’t with family, or working on making a new idea a reality, you can find her rock climbing, planning new adventures, or researching way to much information about a topic that doesn’t hold any relevance to daily life.


Gamaliel: Gods Reward.
Gamal-: a giving for the fun of it, but it clearly reflects not simply a generous giving for the pleasure of the receiver, but rather a generous gift, an investment that will benefit both the investor and the investee, and with the obvious objective of a return.
Before belonging to us, this child belongs to the Lord. It is our desire to disciple him and teach him about the hope we have in Jesus Christ that he may go out into the world and do likewise. His name fits this goal perfectly and we are overjoyed by the generous gift of being his parents.

This kid loves being outdoors. He has fit right into the Stowie family way of being well rested with sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old. He has a contagious laugh and loves shrieking. Just don’t mess with his food, and you will always have a happy guy on your side.

About Us

We are a Jesus loving family taking small steps of faith as God leads us through life.

Josh and Anna have been married since August 20, 2016. Gamaliel came along about a year later. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI. but we are moving to Hawaii this fall. Read more about that here.

We love being outside; kayaking, hiking, frisbee, swimming, camping, and just about anything else. We live on coffee. We are all avid readers as well as huge family people. While Josh loves all things mechanical, Anna loves all things organized and efficient. Gamaliel tags along with a very happy attitude….unless he runs out of snacks.

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